FightingKnives Collection Site

This is a collection site and none of the items in the collection are for sale at this point in time.
When the decision to sell everything comes an email will be sent to all registered users.

Welcome to fightingknives.info,
Being a new site we are still working on some functionality and content issues as well as just starting to place items in the catalogs on the
for sale page.
Enjoy, look around, we are anxious to hear any positive feedback and input. Any text in yellow is a link to a more detailed page of an item or a link to another page on the site where more information can be found on a topic.

New Updates 1/27/2012

FOR SALE pages are up and working with stock available

Many more custom Hibben knife pictures in the Hibben Gallery and a new layout that will be site wide preparing for the sale of the collection.

new fairbairn prototype additions and 2 new robbins dudleys

What The???


No one knows it all, so we have this section to offer up items that WE'RE not sure what they are and hope that someone out there might be able to enlighten us. 

Butterfly Axe Unknown Maker
23 inches overall length. Only marked with a "G" on 1 side of the neck.

Butterfly axe 4.jpg
Butterfly axe 3.jpg