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Product Image Civil War Field Officers Sword Knife
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This is a collection site and none of the items in the collection are for sale at this point in time.
When the decision to sell everything comes an email will be sent to all registered users.

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WWII Case V-42 FSSF Dagger
v42 2.JPG
v42 1.JPG



Unknown Spike Dagger thought to be French Resistance
spike dagger 1.jpg



Indian Airborne Paratrooper Dagger
Indian airborne 3.jpg



Australian Air Force Survival Machete
aussie mach 1.JPG
aussie mach 4.JPG



Imperial Folding Machete
imp mach 3.JPG

imp mach 2.JPG



LC-14-B Woodsmans Pal Machete 3 Variants
woodsmn metal 2.jpg



Everett Knuckles Knife Black and Green Versions
everitt b 5.JPG
everitt g 1.JPG


British Commando Skull Knuckle Knife Letter Opener
cmndo ltr opnr 4.JPG
cmndo ltr opnr 1.JPG



WSC RJH Jungle Knife Composite Grip
wsc jungle plastic 2.JPG

Japanese Amupation Cleaver
amputation cleaver.JPG


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